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    frp radome

    Issue Time:2013-09-24

    frp grp radome is playing an outstanding role in modern communication.


    Light, easy to transport and install;

    Resist corrosion, anti-aging with long servie;

    Good electrical insulation property, superior quality of radio wave through;

    Steady working in bad circumstance like windy and snow;

    Ultraviolet ray resistant.

     Radome is a protective housing for antenna made from dielectric material that is transparent to RF energy. We has developed radomes of variable of variable applications. A light weight and different size and shape radome has been developed meeting stringent electromagnetic specifications. All the radomes have been cleared after full scale structural, lighting and electromagnetic tests.

     Our radomes are electromagnetic tuned to minimize the transmission losses in various microwave bands. The CAD design ensures that the radome works well under high wind conditions and harsh environment. Our radome is also designed for easy transportation, installation and beautiful appearance.

    We have developed successfully the FRP radome used for HF,VHF,UHF,WLAN in telecommunication. The radome has been exported overseas market.

     We design and manufacture frp radomes according to your requirements and provide them with high quality and best prices